Our team

The winegrowers

After 20 years in Paris, Jean and Chantal decided to take over the farm at Le Tremblay, which had belonged to his father. Quickly, they turned it towards winegrowing within the structure of the Quincy AOC.

It was a return to Jean’s roots, since on his mother’s side, there had been small farmers growing wine over generations in and around Preuilly, Quincy and Brinay. Therefore, women in the family passed on a whole culture of taste.

His grandmother had Sauvignon vines until she was over 85. Jean acquired the taste for the Sauvignon cultivar as a child, during the aperitif, when the children were allowed to dip a biscuit into the adults’ glass of wine. On his father’s side, there were generations of farmers and woodcutters in the Berry region, who seem to have connections with the family branch of the Tatin sisters (yes, the very same who created the tart!) in the Issoudun area around 1700.

An agronomist, with a postgraduate diploma in rural sociology, Jean loves plants, poetry, sociology and history. For him, vine growing and winemaking only have meaning from a historical and cultural perspective.

Maroussia was born in Paris in 1985 and she obtained her BTS diploma in Viticulture and œnology in 2006 at Tours Fondettes. She continued her studies at PURPAN Agricultural engineering College in Toulouse. During the course of her studies, she travelled to Canada, California, Spain and even Argentina…

In Sepember 2010, she came back to work at the Domain: she deals with the marketing, communication and vinification of the wines.

Her passion for taste and cooking comes from her grandmother Jacqueline: the passion for wine came later, but for her, they can’t be separated. She says she likes ‘playing at tea parties’ in the Tremblay cellars, where together with Jean they enjoy elaborating various wines and creating micro-cuvées.

The team

There would be no grapes without them, and without grapes, there’s no wine! People often talk about the winegrowers, but a domain of 35 hectares needs more than one pair of hands to make wine!

Our team is vital, whether it be in the vineyard, in the cellars for making the wine or bottling and dispatching it, or for sending out invoices, for pruning, pulling off the old wood, disbudding, raising and attaching the jungle of branches that grow and cling everywhere! You could say that to produce one litre of wine, a vine stock will have been coaxed and stroked many times.

Some of the team have been with us for 20 years, others are seasonal and come back year after year to work in the vines, some only come for a day or for a training. They come from here and there, from all over France, Armenia, Turkey–our team is cosmopolitan!