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The Centre-Loire vineyards reveal all their treasures

The Quincy & Reuilly AOCs are part of the Centre-Loire winegrowing region in the heart of France, in the Cher valley and on the slopes overlooking the Loire. We produce Quincy and Reuilly from several plots on the different terroirs of the appellations:  see the map of our plots.

The Centre-Loire vineyards cover over 6,000 hectares and reveal their treasures in wines with evocative names: Quincy, Reuilly, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire, Menetou-Salon, Coteaux-du-Giennois and Châteaumeillant, Côtes de la Charité and Coteaux de Tannay. A trip to discover the wine is necessary!


Quincy is an original vineyard in Centre-Loire

It became the first AOC of the Val de Loire region in 1936, and today it consists of 350 hectares divided between two communes : Quincy and Brinay.

Only Sauvignon Blanc is grown here, on distinctive soils, which give the wine an intense fruit.

The vineyards lie at the West of Bourges, in the heart of the Berry region, and cover the plateau above the Cher valley. The soil is light, made up of sand with sandy and clay gravel, and warms up quickly in the sun. This original terroir in the Centre-Loire gives Quincy wines a unique flavour, with the Sauvignon revealing an intensely fruity and aromatic taste.

Quincy, a united and feminine vineyard

Nearly 35 domains produce Quincy and women run nearly half of them! Video : Les Printemps de Quincy.

Quincy is a dynamic vineyard, with winegrowers who are united and work together on many projects, sometimes with their colleagues in Reuilly: a Quincy & Reuilly Terroir study, frost prevention with equipment owned by the group, jointly owned winemaking facilities, etc!

And an iconic place! Le Poirier Cochon! (The Pig Pear tree)


Reuilly, a vineyard with 3 types of grapes

The vineyard of Reuilly is Quincy’s neighbour and occupies 300 hectares on the departments of the Indre and Cher.

Reuilly obtained the AOC in 1937 for its white wines made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. 

In line with the wine heritage of Issoudun, where the vin gris was traditionally made, Reuilly obtained the AOC in 1961 for its red wines (Pinot Noir), rosés from Pinot Noir and gris from Pinot Gris.

The vines are planted on gentle slopes and flourish on the underground of limestone clay, upon which lie the sand and gravel terraces blessed with sunshine. Their situation, along the riverbanks of the Arnon and the Cher, gives beautifully matured wines.

Reuilly, the vineyard with its unique Vin Gris!

In the area, everyone knows the ‘gris de Reuilly’. They are the outstanding rosés made from Pinot Gris, which are nothing like the ‘technical’ rosés that flood the market.

They are very pale in colour, sometimes white in the glass, dry gris wines with no residual sugars, such as are sometimes found in Alsace.

Some have floral notes, others will have more citrus flavours, or white fruit (pear, peach), sometimes with the slight freshness of a gris wine or the more powerful structure of a Pinot. Discover them in moderation!